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Welcome in HAL (Hyper Article on Line)

HAL's software provides an interface for authors to upload into the CCSD database their manuscripts of scholarly articles in all fields.

Three types of deposit are possible :
  • Full text documents for which the files can be uploaded to HAL. These can be either " recent documents ", or " old documents " (retro-deposit) which do not generate alerts and whose date of publication should be indicated.
  • Links to documents for which the full text is already available in arXiv or TEL. Do not upload the file again ! The insertion of a link in HAL will make the file visible in the same way as a document that is deposited there directly.
  • Bibliographical references of a published article, a book, etc., but not the full text. It is preferable (but not compulsory) to indicate the DOI of the published text.
For the subject categories that exist in arXiv (physics, mathematics, data processing, biology), all recent documents are transferred there automatically (except when the depositor explicitly states otherwise), but not the older articles.
A specialized interface prompts the depositor to supply " metadata ", i.e. structured information about the document such as key words etc.; it is preferable to indicate the bibliographical references of a publication if they are available, but this is not compulsory. The presence of these structured metadata makes precise retrieval possible, such as automatic extractions of lists for a laboratory, a research institute or for an university, with personalized presentations(exemples).

Before you can upload documents to HAL, you must first register (tab "Submit").

You have ideas to update, simplify or improve this e-publishing application? Please, contact us at:

HAL is a tool for direct scientific communication between researchers. Documents deposited in HAL are not subjected to any peer evaluation; but they should, however, be of sufficient quality to rate submission for publication in a specialized scientific journal. They should be uploaded either by one of the co-authors with the permission of the others or by an authorized person (e.g. librarian) who takes responsibility.
The free access to these documents is intended to provide the widest possible diffusion of research work, but the intellectual property remains that of the authors. The users should conform to the usual standards of good academic usage, in the same way as in paper publications: respect of original work, citation of previous work, no plagiarism, etc.

The posting of a document on this server is comparable to the presentation of scientific results at a conference : the work is divulged publicly, which, according to European ruling, can prevent in certain cases the subsequent filing for a patent. Data that must remain confidential for any reason should on no account be posted to HAL.

Publisher copyright must of course be respected, which therefore excludes in certain cases the uploading of the PDF file as published by a commercial editor. The files posted should be source files (rtf, tex, etc.), pdf or ps files produced by the author or his laboratory. Generally speaking, the same rules apply here as for a submission to ArXiv, already widely used in several scientific fields.

Consult the other CCSd servers: TEL, CEL

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