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3-D Generic Magnetic Equivalent Circuit Taking Into Account Skin Effect: Magnetic Field and Eddy-Current Losses

Youcef Benmessaoud , Walid Belguerras , Frédéric Dubas , Mickaël Hilairet
ELECTRIMACS, May 2019, Salerno, Italy
Conference papers hal-02299910v1

Estimation of Electromechanical Equipment Cost for Hydropower Plants Taking into Account of Continental Factors

Amèdédjihundé Hounnou , Frédéric Dubas , François Fifatin , Christelle Bloch , Didier Chamagne , et al.
International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa , 2019, 44, pp.182 - 199
Journal articles hal-02299967v1

A Comparative Study on the Nonlinear Interaction Between a Focusing Wave and Cylinder Using State-of-the-art Solvers: Part B

Shagun Agarwal , Shaswat Saincher , Sriram Venkatachalam , Shiqiang Yan , Zhihua Xie , et al.
International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE), 2021, 31 (1), pp.11-18. ⟨10.17736/ijope.2021.jc832⟩
Journal articles hal-03261108v1
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Proton exchange membrane fuel cell behavioral model suitable for prognostics.

Elodie Lechartier , Elie Laffly , Marie-Cécile Péra , Rafael Gouriveau , Daniel Hissel , et al.
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2015, 40 (26), pp.8384 - 8397
Journal articles hal-02963404v1

Robust decision making in model-based design and validation

Scott Cogan
International conference on Dynamics of Composites, Jun 2015, Arles, France
Conference papers hal-03107843v1

Robust decision-making in design and validation

Scott Cogan
Workshop on Verification and Validation, Mar 2015, Barnwood, United Kingdom
Conference papers hal-03107844v1

Electrochemical noise analysis of a PEM fuel cell stack under long-time operation: noise signature in the frequency domain

Sergueï Martemianov , Daniel Hissel , Anthony Thomas , Nikolaï Adiutantov , Eugenii Denisov , et al.
Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, 2020, 24 (11), pp.3059-3071. ⟨10.1007/s10008-020-04759-z⟩
Journal articles hal-03007034v1

Development of bio-sourced binder to metal injection molding

Alexandre Royer , Jean-Claude Gelin , Thierry Barriere
International ESAFORM Conference on Material Forming, Apr 2016, Nantes, France
Conference papers hal-03221999v1

Field assisted hot pressing of sintering Inconel 718 MIM samples

Olivier Dugauguez , José Manuel Torralba , Thierry Barriere , Jean-Claude Gelin
International ESAFORM Conference on Material Forming, Apr 2016, Nantes, France
Conference papers hal-03222000v1

The Challenges of Electric Vehicles

Mohamed Becherif
International Conference on Electrical Energy and Systems, Oct 2013, Annaba, Algeria
Conference papers hal-03223527v1
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Mesures de pression et mesures de champs de vitesse synchronisés en phase au niveau du répartiteur d'admission automobile

Dimitri Bonnet , Laurent Girardot , David Ramel , Magali Barthes , Eric Gavignet , et al.
15 ème Congrès Français de Visualisation et de Traitement d'Images en Mécanique des Fluides, Nov 2013, Orléans, France
Conference papers hal-03223536v1

PHM of Fuel Cell Systems

Rafael Gouriveau , Daniel Hissel
International Conference on Prognostics and Health Management, Jun 2012, Denver, Colorado, United States
Conference papers hal-03223569v1
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Particle Swarm Optimization Method in Thermoacoustic Problems

Hussein Chaitou , Philippe Nika , Guillaume Layes
ACOUSTICS Hong Kong, May 2012, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR China
Conference papers hal-03223587v1

Impedance angle changes analysis applied to short circuit fault detection

Seyed Saeid Moosavi , Abdesslem Djerdir , Youcef Ait Amirat , Davod Arab Khaburi
International Conference on Electrical Machines, Sep 2012, Marseille, France
Conference papers hal-03223592v1

Inductances Estimation in the d-q Axis for an Interior Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machines (IPMSM) with Distributed Windings

Abdessamed Soualmi , Frédéric Dubas , Daniel Depernet , Andry Randria , Christophe Espanet
International Conference on Electrical Machines, Sep 2012, Marseille, France
Conference papers hal-03223604v1

SOFC modelling based on discrete Bayesian network for system diagnosis use

Kun Wang , Marie-Cécile Péra , Daniel Hissel , Nadia Yousfi Steiner , Antti Pohjoranta , et al.
Power Plant and Power Systems Control symposium, Sep 2012, Toulouse, France
Conference papers hal-03223619v1

Visualisation d’écoulements

Yannick Bailly
Conférence "Les méthodes optiques au cœur des applications high-tech", Nov 2012, Saint-Louis, France
Conference papers hal-03223624v1
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Towards a sutainable transport system

Javier Solano-Martinez
Green Talents - International Forum for High Potentials in Sustainable Development, Oct 2012, Berlin, Germany
Conference poster hal-03223626v1

Conception et validation expérimentale d'un système de gestion d'énergie pour véhicule

Javier Solano-Martinez
Journées GDR SEEDS, Jun 2012, Lyon, France
Conference papers hal-03223627v1

Optimization, design and characterization of a piezoelectric micro-suspension for isolating sensitive electronic devices

Manuel Collet , Thierry Verdot , P Muralt
Workshop Micro Control, May 2012, Besançon, France
Conference papers hal-03223637v1

Magnetic modeling of radial-flux and axial-flux permanent-magnet motors for direct drive automotive : Specifications and comparison

Romain-Bernard Mignot , Didier Chamagne , Frédéric Dubas , Christophe Espanet
European Journal of Electrical Engineering (EJEE), 2014, 17 (5-6), pp.475 - 494
Journal articles hal-03221953v1

Calcul des Pertes par Courants de Foucault dans les APs en utilisant les Eléments/Différences Finis 3D : Application aux Machines Synchrones à Flux-Axial

Raouf Benlamine , Frédéric Dubas , Sid-Ali Randi , Dominique Lhotellier , Christophe Espanet
International Conference of Modeling and Simulation, Sep 2014, Khemis Miliana, Algeria
Conference papers hal-03221963v1

Implementation of MRAC controller of a DFIG based variable speed grid connected wind turbine

Sabrina Abdeddaim , Achour Betka , Said Drid , Mohamed Becherif
Energy Conversion and Management, 2014, 79, pp.281 - 288
Journal articles hal-03221943v1

Design and assessment of a distributed active acoustic liner concept for application to aircraft engine noise reduction

Hervé Lissek , Romain Boulandet , Sami Karkar , Gaël Matten , Manuel Collet , et al.
Acoustics, Jun 2017, Boston, United States. pp.3643-3643, ⟨10.1121/1.4987870⟩
Conference papers hal-03053059v1

Wavelet analysis for the identification of SOFC degradation signatures

Ursula Antoni , Nadia Yousfi Steiner , B Morel , Jan van Herle , Stefan Diethelm , et al.
International Conference on Fundamentals and Development of Fuel Cells, Feb 2015, Toulouse, France
Conference papers hal-02868275v1

A preliminary study on potential analogies between mechanical fatigue theory and electrochemical PEM Fuel Cells aging induced by load cycling

Raffaele Petrone , Daniel Hissel , Marie Péra , Didier Chamagne
European PEFC & H2 FORUM, Jun 2015, Lucerne, Switzerland
Conference papers hal-02868281v1
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Particle Filter Based Prognostics of PEM Fuel Cell in Bond Graph Framework

Mayank Shekhar Jha , Mathieu Bressel , Belkacem Bouamama , Geneviève Tanguy , Mickaël Hilairet , et al.
Conférence Internationale des Energies Renouvelables, Dec 2015, Sousse, Tunisia
Conference papers hal-02868285v1
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Native stinging nettle (Urtica dioica L.) growing spontaneously under short rotation coppice for phytomanagement of trace element contaminated soils : Fibre yield, processability and quality

Thomas Jeannin , Loïc Yung , Philippe Evon , Laurent Labonne , Pierre Ouagne , et al.
Industrial Crops and Products, 2020, 145, pp.111997. ⟨10.1016/j.indcrop.2019.111997⟩
Journal articles hal-03020931v1
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Role of elongational viscosity of feedstock in extrusion-based additive manufacturing of powder-binder mixtures

Kedarnath Rane , Thierry Barriere , Matteo Strano
International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2020, 107 (11-12), pp.4389 - 4402
Journal articles hal-03020955v1

The effects of playing on early and modern violins

Romain Viala
Annual Conference COST FP 1302 WOODMUSICK, Jan 2015, London, United Kingdom
Conference papers hal-03020557v1